Sean Choolburra

I always tell people... ‘We are the oldest storytellers in the world. And that's pretty much what stand-up comedy is. It’s storytelling."


A bit about me

    Sean Choolburra is one of the most versatile Aboriginal performers in Australia today. A proud Girramay, Kalkadoon, Pitta Pitta and Gugu Yalanji man who maintains and practices his cultural traditions and infuses his culture into his performances to make his shows unique and memorable. 

Sean is a dancer who found his feet in stand-up comedy and has had a long 25+ year career in the entertainment industry. He was recently labelled the “Godfather” of Aboriginal Comedy. 

Sean is known for his wit, energetic delivery, improvisations and non-stop dance moves. His recent work includes hosting his own TV series, Express Yourself on NITV, a special guest on ABC’s Playschool and keep an eye out for him in the upcoming ABC series Black Comedy.

Born in Townsville QLD, coming from a family of twelve, Sean’s comedy is created from a wide variety of lifetime experiences, stories, and observations. Choosing not to use profanity building his craft around those early comic pioneers. Sean creates his unique brand of comedy which sets him apart and is suitable for audiences of all ages. 

Sean’s career kicked off as a dancer performing with Bangarra Dance Company, the National Aboriginal and Islander Dance Academy (NAISDA) and in 1993 founder of the Ngaru Dance Troop which later became the well-known Descendance. 

Finding his feet in comedy in 2002 when he represented NSW in the RAW Comedy National Grand Final, he soon shook-a-leg to make an appearance on the NRL Footy Show and Thank God You’re Here. From there his career took off where he is a regular at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Roadshow. 

Sean also provides solo cultural performances and is in high demand in private and public schools. He recently travelled to New York, America and Chengdu and Chongqing in China doing cultural performances. 


Sean amazing career has taken him on a global journey and has seen him perform for the likes of the Dalai Lama, and Prince Charles. Proud of his continuous work in urban, remote and regional communities, his versatility not only ranges with his performances but also his audiences. From Correctional Centres, to Schools, to Universities, Communities then off to the Corporates and Government Sectors. 

There have been numerous career highlights along the way but as humble as he is, his most cherished moments are doing what he loves… “sharing his culture and making people laugh”. 

Express Yourself

 Sean was fortunate enough to host a two season TV series, Express Yourself on NITV. Take a look at Express Yourself, hosted by Sean Choolburra, from its beginnings in Series O. The excitement and nerves leading up to the show, rehearsals, backstage and the hilarious main event.